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Bible Study

The NC Council of Churches is pleased to announce the publication of a brand new biblically based curriculum on immigration issues, entitled Becoming the Church Together: Immigration, the Bible & Our New Neighbors. Designed to facilitate constructive discussion, this flexible curriculum guides small groups through the many aspects of this topic with an emphasis on studying the Bible together.

Why immigration? Immigration is more than just a hot-button political issue, it’s about how we as Christians respond to our new neighbors. Over the last 20 years the Latino population of North Carolina has grown by 1000%, and churches across the state are wrestling with how to be faithful to the Gospel while dealing with complicated questions about laws, economics, and status.

Becoming the Church Together is a great resource for Sunday School classes, Bible studies, adult education groups, informal study sessions, youth groups, and other groups who study the Bible together.


  • Free DVD with video clips and discussion questions
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • Interactive activities, such as the Immigration Board Game
  • Full text of Bible verses
  • Suggestions for how congregations can get involved
  • Space to take notes
  • And more