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Toolbox for Faith Leaders

The American Friends Service Committee and the North Carolina Council of Churches have partnered to create a powerful new collection of resources on immigration issues.  Designed with faith communities in mind, this 40 page collection includes fact sheets, articles, and worship resources as well as city-specific material.

There are two initial versions of this “Toolbox” – one statewide version and one for faith communities in Greensboro and surrounding areas.

Download the Greensboro Immigration Toolbox

Download the Statewide Immigration Toolbox

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Starting the Conversation
  • Dealing with Controversial Issues in Faith Communities
  • Immigration Terminology

Get the Facts

  • At A Glance
  • New Americans in the Tar Heel State
  • Clarity in Numbers: Addressing Typical Concerns about Immigration Reform
  • Immigration by the Numbers


  • Why Don’t All Those Immigrants Just “Get Legal”?
  • What Part of Legal Immigration Don’t You Understand?


  • The Economics of Immigration
  • Undocumented Immigrants as Taxpayers
  • U.S.-Mexico Trade and Migration
  • NAFTA’s Vicious Cycle
  • Sharing the Costs, Sharing the Benefits: Inclusion is the Best Medicine

Local Enforcement

  • Dangerous Merger: Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law
  • More Questions than Answers about the Secure Communities Program
  • Get the Resources

Ideas for Worship

  • Immigrants in the Bible
  • Suggested Responsive Reading
  • Pastoral Reflection—Based on Ruth 1:1-18
  • Additional Worship Resources
  • Social Justice Dates for Promoting Immigration Discussion

For More Information

  • Contacts and Other Resources
  • Learn More—Reports, Videos, Personal Stories, Activities
  • In Case of Emergency