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Ideas for Action

There are many ways for your congregation to get involved:

Learning More

  • Sign up for our immigration updates.
  • Pick up free copies of the NC Council of Churches’ new Bible study: “Becoming the Church Together.”
  • Host a community dialogue event that focuses on immigration (visit to learn more).
  • Host a film screening, such as Gospel Without Borders, to learn more about people who are affected by immigration.
  • Teach a Sunday-school or small group class on immigration.

Connecting with Immigrants

  • Form a congregational or community partnership with a local Latino center, immigrant rights group, or other similar organization.
  • Participate in the new “Neighbors Together” dinner-dialogue program by the NC Council of Churches.
  • Volunteer to teach English as a Second Language classes.
  • Attend worship at a congregation with immigrants in your community.
  • Sponsor a refugee family through a local refugee resettlement organization.

Standing with Immigrants

  • Join the NC Religious Coalition for Justice for Immigrants by signing our statement.
  • Contact national political leaders to express support for comprehensive immigration reform and opposition to enforcement-only measures.
  • Meet with members of state and local governments to express support for measures including access to higher education, drivers’ licenses, and opposition to anti-immigrant legislation.
  • Oppose the implementation of 287(g), “Secure Communities,” and other local enforcement of federal immigration laws.